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Varmints, Pests and other Targets of Opportunitiy
Varmints (pg. 2)
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I don't know what you may think about someone shooting an animal that they have no intention to eat and I don't really care.  These animals carry the plague and another assorted diseases.  If you want them in your back yard I'm sure the landowners who are swamped by these critters will allow to go "rescue" them.
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This is better than doing Drugs!!!

I recently went to western Kansas / eastern Colorado hunting and shooting.
In the morning I would hunt doves.  Mid-day I would shoot praire dogs and in the afternoon I would shoot pigeons.  Finaly the last two hours of daylight was burned up hunting doves again. 
I have never been much of a shotgunner.  I was always too busy shooting something else, but I really enjoyed my trip.  On opening day I fired 50, 12 gauge rounds and I only killed one dove.
The following days I improved my shooting a lot. By the end of my trip I was getting eight or nine doves from a box of shells.

And it really says it all !!!

When I was out west I was asked to help out the owner of a cattle feed lot.  The owner was being ate out of house and home by pigeons.
A pigeon eat half their wieght each day and they love the corn the feed lot feeds the cattle.  Unfortunitly, pidgons not only eat a lot of the grain, they crap in to it and sometimes they even die in grain, making it unusable as feed. 
The owner of the lot figued that he lost about a 1000 pounds of feed a week to this nasty bird.  It's no wonder that steak costs so much!
Over the week I was in the area the group I was with must have knocked down 100 or more of these birds.  The feed lot owner was very happy with our results.
He even offered to buy the shells I fired eliminating these nasty flying pests.

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Varmints (pg 2.)  contains photos that some might find disturbing.  If you don't want to see them don't open the page!!!